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We’re glad you’re here. The Viva Wellness blog is created by Rachel and Jor-El, who are licensed therapists, coaches, and all around badass people.

We wanted a space where we could share our wellness journeys, as well as drop some gems of wisdom that we’ve learned along the way in our personal and professional lives. But don’t be intimidated by the fact that we do this for a living! We’re not here to set impossible standards or show you a life or routine that always looks Instagram ready. We’re pretty messy sometimes too.

Our goal is to be as authentic and open as possible in showing you that wellness doesn’t have to look a certain way. In fact, our routines are pretty different. Rachel is a type A, obsessed runner fueled by matcha, lots of snacks, and organized chaos. Jor-El is a calming and peaceful presence, always focused on being in the moment and maintaining his zen. We balance each other out and push each other when necessary, and we can’t wait to share it all with you.

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