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Can self care go too far?

Self care seems like it’s the biggest trend in wellness these days. In case you haven’t heard, self care is simply the idea of taking care of yourself. We’re often pulled in a million different directions, and usually end up prioritizing the needs of our families, careers, friends, significant others, etc. over our own. Since […]

Welcome to Viva from Co-Creator Jor-El

Good day everyone!  My name is Jor-El and I’m 1/2 of the Viva Wellness creator team along with Rachel who recently introduced herself on the blog. We’re happy to finally be sharing with you our dream of making holistic health a reality. I’m a licensed therapist and ever since I first came into contact with […]

Welcome to Viva!

Oh hey! Welcome to the blog. I’m Rachel, a licensed therapist, certified health coach, and one half of the team who created Viva Wellness. When I’m not spending my time trying to make the world healthier, you can often find me running around in circles (I’m a runner and I live near Central Park – […]