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Category: Mental Health

Say ‘Thank you’ to Combat Self-Criticism

Saying “thank you” is one simple step in battling self-criticism. As Rachel shared in one of her posts, everyday thank yous are incredibly important. We need to be able to offer our gratitude for the people around us for the wonderful things they do to show us how much we’re loved and cared for. Sometimes […]

Why We Still Need Minority Mental Health Month

Every July marks Minority Mental Health Month, an observance to highlight the mental health needs of communities of color. As arguably more people are aware of mental health issues than ever before, why do we still need Minority Mental Health Month? As a brief aside, I’m personally not a fan of the word “minority” anymore, […]

The Importance of Check Ins

What is this, pandemic day 5869359343? That seems pretty accurate to me. The COVID World continues and as we get further into summer, it looks a little different than it did back in March. So how are you doing? How are you coping? IS it different for you now than it was when this first […]

What Psychology Tells Us About Power

Lately, there’s been a lot of talk about defunding or eradicating police forces around the country and as a student of mental health I couldn’t help but think about the power dynamics that run through institutions and organizations. It’s a ubiqitous problem and the abuse of power is seemingly more easily slipped into than we […]