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Viva Wellness Podcast

Who really has wellness all figured out? We’re here to help! Licensed therapists and wellness advocates Jor-El and Rachel are the Co-founders of Viva Wellness and the hosts of the Viva Wellness podcast.

With our show you’ll be able to gain helpful health information from people you trust. Our show will feature commentary, and some fun, with our hosts and some very special guests within wellness too. ‘The Viva Wellness podcast offers something for everyone and our goal is to make wellness accessible to all, whatever that looks like for you. We hope you enjoy the show!

Episode 40: Race & Visibility with Carolyn Su of Diverse We Run

Episode 39: Personalized Nutrition with Jonathan Levitt of Inside Tracker

Episode 38: How to Know When to Help Someone You Care About

Episode 37: Being a White Ally, Intersectionality & Having Tough Conversations

Episode 36: Theodora’s Story

Episode 35: The Importance of Life-Changing Media

Episode 34: How to Get Started with Therapy

Episode 33: Grateful Yet Pissed – Adjusting to Life During Coronavirus

Episode 32: Let’s Get Correct Information

Episode 31: Coping with the Health Anxiety of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Episode 30: The Journey to Entrepreneurship with Diana Davis Creative

Episode 29: Interview with Superstar Athlete and Advocate Chris Mosier

Episode 28: Coping & Keeping Sane in an Election Year

Episode 27: Dealing with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

Episode 26: Tackling Nutrition Myths with Viva Wellness Dietitian Caitie Corradino

Episode 25: Reflections on 2019 and the New Year

Episode 24: Talking with Six Degrees Society Founder Emily Merrell

Episode 23: Managing Your Mental Health During the Holidays

Episode 22: The Wellness Benefits of Laughter and Humor

Episode 21: Difficult Conversations

Episode 20: Talking Sex Positivity with Writer Zachary Zane

Episode 19: Mental Health Stigma Fighters

Episode 18: The Myth of Balance…and PIE!

Episode 17: Talking Mental Health with Still I Run Founder Sasha Wolff

Episode 16: Embracing Entrepreneurship & Creating Your Own Path with Mr. C

Episode 15: Catching Up & Talking Compassion with Ali Feller of Ali on the Run

Episode 14: Healthy Eating & Finding What Works for You

Episode 13: Anxiety and Depression: Myths and Misconceptions

Episode 12: Talking Pride & Joy with Author Kathleen Archambeau

Episode 11: We’re Talking Broscience!

Episode 10: Looking at Mental Health from a Man’s Perspective

Episode 9: Life As a Business Owner & Viva’s 1 Year Anniversary!

Episode 8: Talking Transformation with Self Soul Sport’s Shanna Tyler

Episode 7: Therapy Mythbusters

Episode 6: All About Nutrition & Why It’s Important with Health Chef Julia Chebotar

Episode 5: Battling Monkey Mind & Embracing Mindfulness

Episode 4: Our Wellness Journeys

Episode 3: Introversion & Extroversion: How it Affects Relationships & Your Career

Episode 2: Wellness, Social Activism and Allyship with Alison Mariela Desir-Figueroa

Episode 1: The Beginning