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Cooking is Self-Care

These days it seems like self-care has gotten complicated. It’s a trendy consumer-driven machine in which we’re all on the search to find that one right thing that will help us feel good. Does that sound familiar? Yes, I’m a part of that whole machine too. While it’s nice to spend money on things that […]

The Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee

For the longest time, coffee has been a part of my life. From drinking sugar filled cups when I was probably too young to the “crack” coffee provided by the library in grad school that got me through exams to bad (and some good) first dates, coffee has been with me for a long time. […]

A Health Chef’s TOP Tips for Picking the Best Summer Produce & How to Store it for Maximum Freshness!

Today’s post is from Contributor Julia Chebotar of We all love heading to our local Farmer’s Market in the summer to buy local, seasonal produce! In most cases, we don’t even mind paying a little extra for the amazing freshness we get from the local vendors. But it’s hard to know how to pick […]


My Favorite Dates

Now, I know the title is a bit misleading here but I’ve recently made a new food discovery and I’m pretty excited about it. Have you ever eaten dates?! OK, so in full disclosure I’ve definitely had dates before I’m sure, but not when I can actually remember. I’m sure I’ve had them prepared at […]