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My Favorite Dates

Now, I know the title is a bit misleading here but I’ve recently made a new food discovery and I’m pretty excited about it. Have you ever eaten dates?!

OK, so in full disclosure I’ve definitely had dates before I’m sure, but not when I can actually remember. I’m sure I’ve had them prepared at restaurants before, definitely stuffed with blue cheese or bacon wrapped (tapas anyone?). But that’s the thing, I’ve always looked at them as some sort of savory-sweet appetizer. Recently, I’ve discovered them to also be a great dessert!

From my previous posts on food you probably gather how much I like to enjoy food – it’s no secret. Dates have been a new love affair, but let’s be real, they aren’t going to ever replace brownies or Red Velvet Cake for me. It’s just not happening! But, recently I’ve been trying to incorporate more whole foods in my diet. Fast forward to a recent grocery trip where I spotted dates on sale for under 3 dollars. BOOM.

So I got looking around the internet to find ways to prepare dates in a simple yet satisfying dessert course. I didn’t want anything to complicated, just something a little sweet to curb my sugar craving.

I came across these simple stuffed date ideas and dove in. I’ve only managing to try one so far, dates stuff with peanut butter and cinnamon and let me tell you these really hit the spot. It turned out to be just what I wanted – and oddly enough they did kind of taste similar to Cinnabon. How?! I don’t know but just go with it.

As I did a bit more research on those lovely little gems I also realized they have some serious health benefits too.

Medjool dates

According to Organic Facts, medjool (one specific variety) dates can:

  • Help improve digestion
  • Provide beta-carotene which promotes healthy eyesight
  • Help boost metabolism and iron absorption
  • Help manage blood pressure due to high potassium
  • Reduce cholesterol and fat deposits in your arteries

As with any fruit, medjool dates are high in sugar and can pack a punch when it comes to calories. That being said, they definitely offer a host of health benefits, which most conventional desserts cannot.

If you’re looking for another way to enjoy your sweets but want to create a bit more balance in your nutrition, I highly recommend trying out some date recipes. Not only will you be satisfying your sweet tooth, but also offer up some much-needed nutrients and health benefits along the way.

Author: Jor-El

Jor-El is Co-founder of Viva Wellness and a foodie and film buff. He most often writes about mental health, relationships, food and mindfulness. When he’s not busy working, he typically can be found lounging or walking around NYC with his pup Nomi.

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