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Healthcare needs to be more accessible (alternative title: Why you can’t find a therapist who takes your insurance)

Over the time that Viva Wellness has existed, I’ve heard a lot of commentary about therapy and how accessible it is – or more accurately, isn’t. People report being frustrated by the process of finding a therapist (apparently there are people who don’t even respond to emails?!) and even once they do, they’re frustrated and […]

Episode 40 of the Viva Wellness Podcast is LIVE!

Mainstream wellness tends to look a certain way; white, thin, mostly blonde women fill our feeds with tips on living healthier. But, why aren’t more people of color featured? This is exactly what Carolyn sought to change with Diverse We Run (@diversewerun).  Join Rachel and Jor-El as they talk with Carolyn Su (Instagram: @irunfortheglory) about […]

It’s not always about “like”.

Over the years, my mom has taught me a lot. She inspired my love of running, Billy Joel, and the New York Rangers. I get my refusal to accept “no” as answer from her. Throughout my adult years, I realized how much one of her sayings stuck with me – even if I didn’t love […]

Vote as if you aren’t you.

With racism being brought to the forefront and dominating the current news cycles, there’s a lot of information at the ready on how you as an individual can make changes to very systemic problems. The number one action that’s circulating around is that you need to vote. Not just in presidential elections, but in ALL […]