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One Important Message We Can Take from the Pandemic

I was out walking my dog the other day in the neighborhood (go follow her cute adventures on Instagram if you’re interested @nomi.therapydog), when I saw not one, but TWO separate families on the playground near my home. And I got angry. I’ve been pretty angry lately, mostly because I think that we’re not doing […]

You don’t have to be okay right now.

Sooo.. how’s everyone doing? Totally normal, uneventful month, right? Haha yeah right. I don’t think anyone added “global pandemic” to their list of things to conquer in 2020, yet here we are. COVID-19 has hit us hard, and life as we know it has changed, at least temporarily. I don’t know about anyone else, but […]

Why are so many sports fans lacking empathy?

I am not someone who generally believes in things like curses, but I’m beginning to think the New York Yankees are cursed. I know, eye rolls from the rest of baseball, but hear me out. We spent 2019 managing an absurd amount of injuries. Everyone assumed this was a weird fluke and it would be […]

When Things are Hard – Just Keep Rowing

I know, easier said than done right? Let me tell you a little about me – I’m naturally a stubborn person (no need to look at my natal chart!). This has both its good and bad qualities. Obviously when I’ve made up my mind I’m more than likely going to move forward with that thing […]

Episode 30 of The Viva Wellness Podcast is LIVE!

This week Rachel and Jor-El sit down with business woman and photographer Diana Davis. If you follow us on Instagram, you definitely would have seen Diana’s handiwork as she’s been responsible for many of the imagery you’ve seen for Viva Wellness. In this episode we talk with Diana about her journey into owning her own […]