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Episode 31 of The Viva Wellness Podcast is LIVE!

In our latest episode Jor-El and Rachel sit down to talk through what is likely on most people’s minds right now – coronavirus!  

Rachel and Jor-El offer up some therapist-approved strategies to help cope with the pandemic as it seems likely we’ll be dealing with the fallout of this for some time. They discuss practicing acceptance & using humor and the benefit of laughter! They also share their favorite tweets and memes also too. We hope that you find the practical suggestions helpful and share with friends near and far.  We have to get through this together…but apart #socialdistancing!

To keep with the latest news about how to protect yourself and others, please visit the CDC’s site on COVID-19 or the latest developments from WHO.And, as always, if you enjoy our podcast please send feedback to us directly @vivawellnessnyc, @rachelgersten and @jorelcaraballo on Twitter and Instagram. And please leave a rating and review on iTunes so that we can grow our podcast even further. Thanks for listening!

Author: Jor-El

Jor-El is Co-founder of Viva Wellness and a foodie and film buff. He most often writes about mental health, relationships, food and mindfulness. When he’s not busy working, he typically can be found lounging or walking around NYC with his pup Nomi.

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