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Relaxation Playlist: January 2019

We all need a little bit of music to help us get in the wave of relaxation don’t we? Today, we’re sharing our relaxation playlist of the month to help you get the new year off on a good foot.

These gems are a little different from our earlier playlists and include a wider range of tones and sounds. There are even some nice rhythms to sway to! We hope you enjoy this playlist whether it’s used as background for some other activity or if you allow yourself the time to just listen and absorb it in peace. Enjoy!

Author: Jor-El

Jor-El is Co-founder of Viva Wellness and a foodie and film buff. He most often writes about mental health, relationships, food and mindfulness. When he’s not busy working, he typically can be found lounging or walking around NYC with his pup Nomi.

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